what is this and why am I here....I dunno, I dunno

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    default what is this and why am I here....I dunno, I dunno

    Post by Zygote on Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:32 am

    Hello. I'm a middle aged, well educated and opinionated kind of individual. My opinions change frequently with different new happenings and sometimes with the change of the weather, but can also change due to understanding a well thought out difference of opinion.

    To start out with a controversial analogy, I am very pro-choice, though I am also very pro-life. I would never consider an abortion in my own life or want to consider it with any of my family members, but I would be willing to die to make my opinion known that it's the right of the people involved in the situation to make the decision of abortion rather than me, an outsider with no knowledge of the true situation. I also don't want to see women going back to using coat hangers to cause themselves to abort a fetus and risking their own life.

    I will engage in dialogue and will state my opinions and listen (read) others. However, once that line of hostility has been crossed into anger or hatred, I will no longer be involved in the conversation. Sharing opinions is a great, mind challenge. Attempting to force opinions on someone is attempted mind control and often rears it's head in the form of hostility and anger in an attempt to coerce someone into changing their opinions. That's not my style and not what I'm about. We can all inform others why we have our opinions but when it all comes down, each person must make their own opinions based on whatever beliefs and background they have.

    Personally, Amy Whinehouse, or as I mostly referred to her as "Amy Whorehouse" was the butt of many jokes I've made over the past year because of her outrageous behavior. Even though I know those comments at that time were my opinion and often disparaging to the trainwreck headed for disaster. As of yesterday, she's dead. Though no formal cause has been listed, it's no longer time for jokes. A woman has died due to her reckless abandon for life and I will not make jokes about that. A loss of a life is a sad thing no matter how much of a mess the person was.

    Anyway, there's an introduction to me as I find out what the heck this discussion board is about. If it doesn't pertain to anything, please direct your comments to the moderator for blindly requesting that I join. cheers (rah)

    Tony Marino
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    Post by Tony Marino on Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:42 pm

    Welcome aboard! No one hates anyone here and everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as you don't mind if others share different opinions. Happy Posting!

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    Post by ph balanced on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:10 am


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