Amy Winehouse's Home "Looked Like a Bomb Site"

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    default Amy Winehouse's Home "Looked Like a Bomb Site"

    Post by Chris on Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:51 pm

    Amy Winehouse's Home "Looked Like a Bomb Site"

    Today 6:27 AM PDT by Ted Casablanca and Mike Parker

    It's a horrible story, made even more horrible by the parents of Amy Winehouse and how they predicted their daughter's demise. Can it get any more ghoulish than a mom saying she should have "put down" her daughter, instead of the family cat, years ago?

    Yes, it gets worse.

    Or so say those who have seen the North London home of the 27-year-old troubled singer:

    "It looked like a bomb site," says an eyewitness observer inside Winehouse's Camden Town apartment. "She really appears to have lived out her final days and hours in squalor and misery."

    This is as sad as it is not surprising, considering the bashing Amy took in Serbia, when her concert was booed and the rest of her tour was canceled, and her recent spat with bf Reg Traviss.

    But, jeez, even if Amy was high as a kite in Belgrade, as she is purported to have been, who the hell did ticket-buyers think they were going to see, Dolly Parton? Being surprised that Winehouse was stoned at a musical venue—especially her own—is really the height of naïveté. That kind of non-performance performance is precisely what the Grammy-winning artist had become known for lately.

    But the point is Winehouse no doubt took the rejection hard.

    And having her London home "in complete disarray," as one of the observers put it, perhaps lends credence to the thought that the outspoken singer had just given up—as she had also recently checked herself out of another go at rehab.

    Also, London police sources tell us they "are not ruling out suicide."

    So very sad.

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