The TALK gets rid of LEAH & HOLLY WTH



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    default The TALK gets rid of LEAH & HOLLY WTH

    Post by binky04 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:06 pm

    I can't believe they would even entertain the thought these 2 make the show for me, they are the 2 who are most in touch with the average person IMHO It seems that Julie is always reminding you who she is married to i have nothing against Mrs O but Jeez how much more money do these people need her house in England is bigger than Buckingham palace and to me Sara works because Leah is always pulling her in the conversation I also read that Leah & Holly strong position on the Casey Anthony case was a sore point for Julie{idk this to be true} Whatever the case I'm sorry to say that i find Ms Chen rather cold and least we forget 1 of the original co host left in Jan......WTH is going on over there

    IT is bad enough that this show replace my beloved ATWT now they get rid of my favorite CO HOST how rude

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