Etta James' husband to remain her conservator, judge rules

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    default Etta James' husband to remain her conservator, judge rules

    Post by Tony Marino on Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:38 pm

    The longtime husband of terminally-ill blues legend Etta James will remain as the conservator of her $1-million estate, a Riverside County judge has ruled.

    In court documents, James' son, Donto James, had requested appointment as temporary conservator, expressing concerns about his mother's medical treatment and the costs of her medical care.

    Donto James said he and his brother, Sametto, reached an agreement with Artis Mills, who married the singer in 1969, that allows him to continue making financial and health decisions for his ailing wife.

    However, the judge agreed to release only $350,000 for her medical costs, less than the half a million dollars that Mills asked for, Donto James said. The ruling was made Monday.

    The son said he and his brother asked the judge to transfer their mother to a hospital for a thorough examination to make sure she is being provided the best health treatment possible.

    Etta James, 73, is in the end stages of leukemia and suffers from dementia, her doctors said last week.

    Currently she is receiving round-the-clock care in her Riverside home, her son said.

    "The only issue is my mother going into the hospital,'' Donto James said. "I begged the doctors to do it this one time to make sure everything is OK."

    But the judge said he'd leave treatment decisions up to Etta James' doctors, Donto James said.

    "Mr. Mills’ aim is to keep her alive as long as possible,'' the son said. "That’s my aim too."

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    default Re: Etta James' husband to remain her conservator, judge rules

    Post by Bluesmama on Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:29 am

    Artis Mills has worshipped the ground she walks on. He even served time in prison for her. I believe it was drug-dealing (I read her autobiography quite some time ago) and it was SHE who did it, but he took the rap, and she admitted it in the book. Judging by how she lived her life, I think she's damn lucky to have someone like him.

    Etta is one of my very favorite singers. I listen to her music quite often.

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