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    Post by Supernova on Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:18 pm

    If you like the show, I highly recommend the novelizations of them by Charles Heath. I just finished the first one and it is a LOT funnier than the pilot episode it was based on because the book is allowed room for more adult jokes that would not have made it onto an 8 o' clock live action cartoon. One of the best parts is when Hannibal calls Murdock at the V.A. and he's trying to get Amy to leave him alone with his phone, and Hannibal asks, "What's going on, are you making porno ink blots again?"

    Another good part is when Face is describing the rewrites for their movie, Boots and Bikinis, to scam the equipment they'll need, and explains they've changed a scene so they have Loni Anderson climbing aboard a Mexican army's submarine, and Amy comments 'a sex symbol climbing on a phallic symbol, I like it'!

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