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    Post by Supernova on Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:56 pm

    In starting on my New Year's resolution to make a dent in reading the books I own instead of getting them from the library, the first one I took off the shelf is one I found at a sale last year, Kidnapping Mr. Tubbs. It's an older one so it's not marked and labeled like the newer ones but it's a young adult book about 2 teenagers who kidnap a nearly 100 year old cowboy from his nursing home so he can see the old ranch one more time. But nothing goes according to plan, the old man won't leave without his saddle, the getaway car is a beat up VW stick shift, the boy loses one contact lens and can't drive, and the girl has never driven a stick shift in her life and learns during the getaway, AND she insisted on bringing her fat basset hound Gwendolyn, who constantly has to stop and 'widdle' and if she doesn't have to, then Mr. Tubbs has to. That's about all the further I've gotten so far but this is definitely going to be a keeper.

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