Can MTV Return to the Glory Days of Music Videos?

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    default Can MTV Return to the Glory Days of Music Videos?

    Post by CONVERSATION CHAMBER on Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:37 am

    When people talk MTV, they make it sound like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tale. Jekyll was the 1980s-to-late-1990s MTV, when it was still called "music television" and was about one thing only -- music. The impact it had on musicians' careers was revolutionary, and it made artists like Michael Jackson transform from pop star to legend. Mr. Hyde is what you see today, a network without an identity and invested more in teenage humor, publicity stunts and 'Jersey Shore.' If you grew up watching MTV in the '90s, you probably don't watch MTV today because music videos and 'TRL' ('Total Request Live,' yeah, the days of Carson Daly) have been replaced by pregnant teenagers and indie redheads from Texas. Now MTV wants us to believe that's all changing, that they can move back to the glory days of music videos.


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