Mario Lopez confesses: 'I cheated on Ali Landry days before our wedding'

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    default Mario Lopez confesses: 'I cheated on Ali Landry days before our wedding'

    Post by CONVERSATION CHAMBER on Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:19 am

    Mario Lopez confesses: 'I cheated on Ali Landry days before our wedding'
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 5:11 AM on 12th February 2011

    Mario Lopez has admitted that he cheated on ex-wife Ali Landry at his bachelor party days before their wedding. Seven years on from the two-week marriage, the Extra presenter has finally opened up about what caused the end of his seven-year relationship. 'At that point I was not ready to settle down,' he said. 'I wasn't man enough to know how to go about handling it.' He explained that days after their wedding a horrified Landry confronted him after being shown a photo of him in a compromising position with a woman at his bachelor party.

    Cheated: Mario Lopez and ex-wife Ali Landry who he has admitted cheating on days before their wedding

    'I said I was going to Cabo to go marlin fishing,' he explained. 'Then my cousin surprised me and said No, we're going on this whirlwind tour: Cabo, Acapulco, all these places.'

    Moving on: Lopez now presents the TV show Extra

    He decided not to tell his fiancé about his change of plans, he admitted on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show today. 'I figured at that point it was easier to ask for forgiveness,' he said. 'It's my bachelor party, we were going to have a good time.' During the partying a photograph was taken of Lopez in a compromising position by a swimming pool with another woman. This was shown to former Miss USA Landry, now 37, by her sister. The marriage was then annulled.

    'I was wrong for obviously lying, and I shouldn't have been in that position,' Lopez said. 'I dealt with all this drama, and then at that point... I finally got the balls to say "Hey, listen I'm not ready for this, I'm sorry." 'Lopez said he married Landry as he felt it was the right thing to do after being together for six years. 'I think when you go out for a few years you either take it to another level or you break up, right?

    'There was nothing glaringly wrong on paper: I thought, "She's beautiful, she's a good girl, she comes from a great family, she'd make a great mom... I confused cold feet with not being ready.'

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