And Victor Newman falls!

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    default And Victor Newman falls!

    Post by TSJFan4Ever on Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:11 am

    if Victor wasn't such an arrogant, selfish bastard, I might have felt more than a day's sympathy for him. It's a testament to Eric Braeden's amazing acting that I actually felt a tiny bit sorry for Victor when the verdict came down. It didn't last long - only that day - but Eric was amazing in those scenes.

    I loved seeing Victor loose the way he did but I did feel bad for him, miserable as he is. He's created a world in which he truly is all alone. It's about time he was brought down a peg or so, even though I doubt it will last. If he weren't such a heartless bastard, I think I'd have really felt sorry for him, but given all he's done, I couldn't muster more than a day's sympathy, and only because of Eric's amazing talent.

    Not sure where things will go but I hope that there will be a break from the Victor vs. his kids show for awhile.

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