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    Post by Supernova on Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:09 am

    A world where everybody wears scanner bracelets that have to be scanned and given the green light to do anything and go anywhere, war and hate and violence and poverty are myths and 'fight' is the ultimate expletive, anybody who questions anything is 'sick' and needs extra treatments on top of the ones they already get all the time, and Uni, the great computer decides what everybody's life will be, who will marry who, who will have children, and what positions everybody will have, and nobody can conceive a notion about a world where everybody's free to decide their own destinies because of the anarchy that would ensue.

    Definitely one of the more unusual dystopian future novels I've read, and I think one of the better ones. Of course after reading 1984 you get very paranoid about how the ending's going to be because for one thing, you look to expect any plan the hero of the story, Chip, can come up with, somebody's going to be 2 steps ahead of him and be setting him up the whole time, and also because after you read Rosemary's Baby and The Stepford Wives you start to figure out that Ira Levin is not known for happy endings.

    Has anybody else read this one?

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